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13 Most Comfortable Men's Sandals for 2021   Where to buy mens sandals free shipping online ?   When searching for sandals there try to find good price and natural leather items . where the natural items have very good benifets  its healthy and give more fresh air to your feet  walking in natural sandals is more comfort and not slippy at all .   here we listed to you good sandals that is well designed and have a good cut and finish . 1. classic leather sandals for men : wher the one front strap will show so classic and...

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Holyland sandals the story          "BUT THE LORD SAID TO HIM, 'TAKE OFF THE SANDALS FROM YOUR FEET, FOR THE PLACE ON WHICH YOU ARE STANDING IS HOLY GROUND.    don't know the real shape or design of the original holy land sandals , they may look more straps , some people think the sandals was to be woren by Jesus also and some was to walk on the waer , the most know design of holy land sandals is the classic Jesus sandals , the ones with anckle straps . people here do like them so they are...

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